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In the specialized arena of Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing, WelComm’s unique competency is Engineer-to-Engineer (E-to-E) marketing communications for technology companies. Our solid engineering and technical marketing background positions us to not only get it right, but get it right away — to quickly, accurately and compellingly convey your product’s top features and benefits to your engineering customers.

Unlike many agencies that specialize in just one aspect of marketing communications, WelComm offers a full range of services to our E-to-E clients: public relations, advertising, online media, web development, tradeshows and social media. The value-added benefit of this comprehensive approach is our ability to strategically and effectively unify these elements into a consistent, integrated marketing communications campaign.

The best way to describe WHAT we do is Engineer-to-Engineer (E-to-E) marketing communications. We use our creativity and market knowledge as well as all the tools available to us to generate awareness of and preference for our clients’ products and services. That’s HOW we do it. But what makes us really valuable to our clients is WHY we do what we do. Quite simply, we love the excitement of bringing new products and technologies to market. We love talking about innovation. We’re strategic thinkers and team players. Your success is our success.